0000843: [development] Add comment to metadata of image (domjos)
0000842: [development] Add validation (domjos)
0000841: [development] Error starting slideshow select folder with no images (domjos)
0000839: [development] Settings for max zoom (domjos)
0000840: [development] Edit image save shows only original image (domjos)
0000837: [development] Better progress view in importing images (domjos)
6 issues View Issues
0000628: [development] Spinner bad readable (domjos)
0000627: [development] Events suddenly disappear (domjos)
0000626: [development] Add alias to family-member (domjos)
3 issues View Issues
0000624: [development] Family Member doesn't reload (domjos)
0000625: [development] date is wrong converted (domjos)
2 issues View Issues
0000405: [General] Better Notifications Text (domjos)
0000406: [development] Error if family image is too big (domjos)
0000407: [development] button to go back to current date (domjos)
0000408: [development] Can't add . to datefield (domjos)
0000421: [development] Vereinfachung der Impfungen (domjos)
0000422: [development] validator Messages in english (domjos)
0000424: [development] Mark color field better (domjos)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2020-10-14
0000792: [development] Add functions to edit image (domjos)
0000791: [development] Videoview video always in center (domjos)
0000790: [development] Can't see progros indeterminat on loading images (domjos)
0000788: [development] swipe left for next Image in picker (domjos)
0000789: [development] Zoom pictures (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2020-10-12
0000785: [development] Can't show pictures if too many files (domjos)
0000784: [development] Show seekbar on watching video (domjos)
0000786: [development] Save-Button doesn't appear on select all (domjos)
0000783: [development] Show video length (domjos)
0000782: [development] Mediapicker pagination (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2020-10-05
0000766: [development] Loading images lasts very long (domjos)
0000765: [development] Backup encrypted data (domjos)
0000760: [development] Better design for editmodes (domjos)
0000764: [development] Video picker on main screen and error (domjos)
0000763: [development] Add Play Icon if Icon is video (domjos)
0000759: [development] add folder picker function to media-picker (domjos)
0000761: [development] Picker: Loading images in Background (domjos)
0000762: [development] Hide broken images (domjos)
0000757: [development] Add select all button to Picker (domjos)
0000756: [development] Add reload button to picker (domjos)
0000758: [development] Rename Picker (domjos)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-30
0000755: [development] Viewer share image (domjos)
0000754: [development] viewer start slideshow (domjos)
0000753: [development] Better design of media picker (domjos)
0000751: [development] Pagination (domjos)
0000752: [development] Import folder (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-21
0000733: [development] Can only select on video at a time (domjos)
0000732: [development] don't count 'No-Entry-Item' in grid adapter (domjos)
0000731: [development] Error on selecting folder (domjos)
0000727: [development] Add Tags and Categories to multiple Media (domjos)
0000728: [development] Create folder on share (domjos)
0000730: [development] Database is locked (domjos)
0000729: [development] Viewer when creating image text File will be decrypted (domjos)
0000726: [development] Count selected images (domjos)
       0000725: [development] Count Elements and show number (domjos)
9 issues View Issues
0000724: [development] Get data from other app (domjos)
0000723: [development] Can't take image (domjos)
0000722: [development] Import doesn't work really good (domjos)
0000720: [development] Delete multiple folder message (domjos)
0000721: [development] don't show images and Videos in gallery anymore (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
0000718: [development] Delete multiple files (domjos)
0000717: [development] Setting for delete original files (domjos)
0000719: [development] Message if folder will be deleted! (domjos)
3 issues View Issues
0000712: [development] Replace Progress Panel by Dialog (domjos)
0000714: [development] add german translation (domjos)
0000716: [development] Bad readable text (domjos)
0000713: [development] Bad readable text (domjos)
0000715: [development] Bad readable text (domjos)
0000711: [development] Settings for importing videos and images (domjos)
0000709: [development] Fullscreen mode in viewer (domjos)
0000710: [development] Setting automatic start video (domjos)
0000707: [development] Password Dialog shouldn't be cancelled (domjos)
0000708: [development] Binary data not in database (domjos)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2020-10-12
0000776: [development] Options to order items (domjos)
0000777: [development] Add List to filter settings (domjos)
0000775: [development] Nodes move with drag and drop (domjos)
0000780: [development] Error on opening file in document tree (domjos)
0000774: [development] Add Date-Picker to fields (domjos)
0000778: [development] Error entering data to category (domjos)
0000779: [development] Icon of toast message to big (domjos)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2020-10-08
0000739: [development] Share document to app (domjos)
0000767: [development] Better notice for Internet connection (domjos)
0000768: [development] Can't See PDF files (domjos)
0000773: [development] Media-Viewer better (domjos)
0000772: [development] Import and add to list (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-23
0000688: [development] Buttons of file-selector dark (domjos)
0000735: [development] Filetree doesn't reset items on click on parent (domjos)
0000736: [development] Save multiple codes in textbox to file (domjos)
0000734: [development] Better Notification icon (domjos)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-22
0000684: [development] Notification icon is always white (domjos)
0000685: [development] Only few folders readable in android 29 (domjos)
0000686: [development] better design for api (domjos)
0000687: [development] API hide search and web icon (domjos)
0000689: [development] what happens when no internet connection (domjos)
0000691: [development] Dark font in settings (domjos)
0000692: [development] better description of settings (domjos)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2020-05-19
0000655: [development] Work faster with big data (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
0000656: [development] API in Landscape mode bad readable (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
0000620: [development] don't close activity if barcodes in scanner not saved (domjos)
0000622: [development] mass change of read books (domjos)
2 issues View Issues
0000623: [development] Save settings of export import (domjos)
0000615: [development] Better design for export (domjos)
0000621: [development] better design for scanner (domjos)
3 issues View Issues
0000616: [development] Open youtube link in player (domjos)
0000614: [development] No message if import finished (domjos)
0000605: [development] open path to movie in media (domjos)
0000602: [development] Open PDF of media (domjos)
0000604: [development] search in media item for code, no empty field (domjos)
0000610: [development] media Dialog better Name for webservices (domjos)
0000613: [development] media Dialog if Entry available thenreset save button to discette (domjos)
0000601: [development] Search-Dialog: Search on Pressing enter at the search field (domjos)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2020-03-10
0000574: [development] Solve bugs with content-labels (domjos)
0000573: [development] Better icon (domjos)
0000572: [development] Data doesn't reset on saving (domjos)
0000571: [development] Home: Icon of media note app icon (domjos)
0000570: [development] Error on deleting persons which have no media (domjos)
0000548: [development] Error on deleting persons which have no media (domjos)
0000547: [development] Home: Icon of media note app icon (domjos)
0000546: [development] Data doesn't reset on saving (domjos)
0000545: [development] Better icon (domjos)
0000544: [development] Solve bugs with content-labels (domjos)
10 issues View Issues
0000543: [development] search only works with no filter (domjos)
0000542: [development] Can see filter settings of no filter (domjos)
0000541: [development] SwipeRefreshDeleteList items unselected if out of view (domjos)
0000540: [development] Search for all persons in wikidata (domjos)
0000539: [development] Leave image in person if no image from search (domjos)
0000536: [development] Better message if no internet (domjos)
0000538: [development] Button to cancel searching in webservice (domjos)
0000535: [development] Better Icon for webservice (domjos)
0000537: [development] Choosable bin icon customwidgets (domjos)
0000534: [development] replace search menu by item in headerbar (domjos)
0000533: [development] Lists switch to media item (domjos)
0000531: [development] Can't add or Update medialist items (domjos)
0000532: [development] Media-Add dialog bad readable (domjos)
0000530: [development] Filter doesn't reload after update lists (domjos)
       0000529: [development] Add list to filter (domjos)
0000528: [development] Add Media to list on Start-Screen (domjos)
0000527: [development] Go to library item on person library click (domjos)
0000526: [development] Show Companies and persons of media with image (domjos)
0000525: [development] App breaks if image from wikidata too big (domjos)
0000524: [development] Library deletes image from person (domjos)
0000523: [development] Persons lists-fragment add title to the list (domjos)
21 issues View Issues
0000522: [development] Edittextpreference dialog white color and white background (domjos)
0000521: [development] Better design for spinner (domjos)
0000515: [development] Change from portrait to landscape (domjos)
0000517: [development] Wrong color on file-dialog (domjos)
0000520: [development] Better design for dialogs (domjos)
0000519: [development] White footer (domjos)
0000518: [development] Encryption doesn't work right (domjos)
7 issues View Issues
0000516: [development] Import export spinner dropdown white text color and white background (domjos)
0000514: [development] separator color black to white (domjos)
0000513: [development] Change checkbox textcolor of customfield activity (domjos)
0000512: [development] Change design of search dialog (domjos)
4 issues View Issues
0000510: [development] Disable shrinking because of sqlcipher breaks (domjos)
0000511: [development] rename generated apk by gradle (domjos)
2 issues View Issues
0000491: [development] App breaks every minute (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
0000509: [development] replace export/import settings by activity (domjos)
0000508: [development] Filter by custom fields (domjos)
0000507: [development] Can't delete categories or tags (domjos)
0000506: [development] Checkboxes doesn't work anymore (domjos)
0000505: [development] Show item if no customfields available in tab (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
0000504: [development] Add Custom Fields (domjos)
0000501: [development] add history when the media was seen or read or played (domjos)
0000503: [development] Solve Pre-Launch bugs (domjos)
3 issues View Issues
0000502: [development] repair wikidata webservice (domjos)
0000500: [development] Library doesn't work with New Person (domjos)
0000497: [development] Error Message, when searching for spiderman in Google books (domjos)
0000499: [development] Message if search import is finish (domjos)
0000498: [development] Entering ab in search then error when reloading (domjos)
0000496: [development] Add Built-In Filters (domjos)
0000495: [development] Use webservice dialog to import multiple media (domjos)
0000494: [development] hide keyboard at mainactivity start (domjos)
0000493: [development] add wikidatawebservice to person and company (domjos)
0000470: [development] Method to transfer data via devices (domjos)
0000484: [development] suddenly temporary settings duplicated (domjos)
0000492: [development] Solve Pre-Launch bugs (domjos)
0000489: [development] Problems inserting double value no comma (domjos)
0000490: [development] Get Web-Ratings from Webservice (domjos)
       0000488: [development] add critics to Media and ratings (domjos)
15 issues View Issues
0000487: [development] api for games (domjos)
0000486: [development] add settings for key of other apis (domjos)
0000485: [development] Notifications per default activated (domjos)
3 issues View Issues
0000479: [development] Show If someone lend Something Out in Person (domjos)
0000481: [development] Library Lend Out doesn't work (domjos)
0000482: [development] Text of Fabs Bad readable (domjos)
0000483: [development] Round length of movies (domjos)
0000480: [development] no entry Item shouldn't be deleted (domjos)
0000478: [development] library fill Deadline automatically (domjos)
0000475: [development] Search for title in google boosk (domjos)
0000476: [development] Show textfield in search dialog (domjos)
0000477: [development] Validation wrong, can't save if edit entry (domjos)
0000471: [development] Activity to Create filter (domjos)
10 issues View Issues
0000473: [development] Use new api (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
0000472: [development] Show number of entries (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
0000464: [development] Show Message if no network (domjos)
0000465: [development] Module to create lists (domjos)
0000469: [development] Plus add landingpage to add media (domjos)
0000467: [development] Show notifications for libraries (domjos)
0000468: [development] Show If Media is lend out (domjos)
0000463: [development] add library to start-page (domjos)
0000462: [development] add settings (domjos)
0000461: [development] implement eandata webservice (domjos)
0000460: [development] Separator between 2 List-Items (domjos)
9 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000742: [development] Show whats new of current version (domjos)
0000743: [development] add translation (domjos)
0000632: [development] Setting to change date and time format (domjos)
0000741: [development] widget saved marklist better design padding spinner (domjos)
0000746: [development] solve error (domjos)
0000747: [development] remove spotlight (domjos)
0000745: [development] Error in help (domjos)
7 issues View Issues
0000431: [development] add calendar-widget to timer (domjos)
0000458: [development] show message if wrong lock password (domjos)
0000631: [development] Check validation (domjos)
0000432: [Mark] Mark in Mark-Overview not visible (domjos)
0000630: [Mark] Can't edit item (domjos)
0000629: [Notes] Can't save note (domjos)
6 issues View Issues
0000385: [development] Traffic light for sound in schoolclass and mood (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2019-10-16
0000383: [development] Add spotlight to introduce to the app (domjos)
0000384: [development] Update whats-new content (domjos)
2 issues View Issues
0000100: [development] delete Item by wipe out (domjos)
0000367: [development] Bad readable spinner (domjos)
0000371: [development] settings: Show assistant on plus icon (domjos)
0000372: [development] Message in finishing the learningcard query (domjos)
0000118: [development] Widget for learning card (domjos)
0000376: [development] Wrong Text in general settings at reset database (domjos)
0000377: [development] Backgrounds spelled wrong (domjos)
0000378: [development] add category to database settings (domjos)
0000379: [development] Calling help app breaks (domjos)
0000380: [development] Error on nothing selected on todo widget config (domjos)
0000382: [development] Change images of widgets (domjos)
11 issues View Issues
0000343: [development] Can't Update subjects (domjos)
0000365: [development] Update app to androidx (domjos)
0000366: [development] Search doesn't work (domjos)
0000111: [development] Search results when changing smartphone to landscape (domjos)
0000368: [development] Vocab: more comfortable (domjos)
0000369: [development] timetable more comfortable (domjos)
0000370: [development] Can't delete learning-card-group (domjos)
0000129: [development] Add Item 30 random vocab (domjos)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2019-02-28
0000117: [development] Color of Default-Subject to similar (domjos)
0000115: [development] Add "No Entry" Entry in marklist-widget on Start-Screen (domjos)
0000114: [development] Add Custom-Image for Toolbar (domjos)
0000116: [development] Show Search-Marklist as Dialog and not as Panel (domjos)
0000124: [development] subject, duplicated entries possible (domjos)
0000125: [development] timetable change title automatically (domjos)
0000126: [development] Timetable ScreenWidget doesn't reset (domjos)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2019-01-18
0000094: [development] Autocompletion category cmb learningcardgroup (domjos)
0000110: [development] add check button to toolbar (domjos)
0000109: [development] add status of todolist (domjos)
0000108: [development] Subject of querygroup won't be saved (domjos)
0000106: [development] Can't unselect a category in learningcardquery (domjos)
0000107: [development] show notification if regularly query (domjos)
0000105: [development] Show rubbish in toolbar on long click on item (domjos)
0000104: [development] add converting note to todo (domjos)
0000103: [development] on Press settings in Marklist settings so reset (domjos)
0000102: [development] Default subjects strange colours with transparancy (domjos)
0000101: [development] ihk marklist selected open extended view (domjos)
0000099: [development] reload learning card groups on add (domjos)
0000097: [development] add empty validation to deadline (domjos)
0000065: [development] Add descriptions for the activities to show the functions (domjos)
0000085: [development] Count the whole Number of subjects (domjos)
0000096: [development] todos Stars outside of the screen (domjos)
0000088: [development] Deadline nicht in vergangenheit (domjos)
0000086: [development] add learningcards (domjos)
0000093: [development] add toolbar at The top in query module (domjos)
0000095: [development] No arrow in toolbar of schooltimer (domjos)
20 issues View Issues
0000809: [development] Add delete Button at Profile (domjos)
0000811: [development] Validation sign ist black Font in black background (domjos)
0000810: [development] Adds * every time the entry validation is wrong (domjos)
0000781: [development] Add Roadmap function (domjos)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2020-10-06
0000700: [development] Add design for landscape mode (domjos)
0000706: [General] get current news of webservice (domjos)
0000769: [development] Add Date picker (domjos)
0000740: [development] Can't save bugs (domjos)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-23
0000738: [development] Mantis doesn't load View state (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
0000701: [development] Ad advertisment in app (domjos)
0000693: [development] Besseres Cache-System (domjos)
2 issues View Issues
0000683: [development] Add github to bugtracker (domjos)
1 issue View Issues
0000606: [development] Function to cancel tasks (domjos)
0000607: [development] Add diagram to show solved and open bugs (domjos)
0000609: [development] bugs per user doesn't really work (domjos)
0000608: [development] Version task Version single (domjos)
0000612: [development] attachment won't be saved, when New entry (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
0000617: [development] Don't creates PDF-Version-Logs (domjos)
0000611: [development] arrows go on, but no bugs (domjos)
2 issues View Issues
0000594: [development] Error Administration mantis to mantis (domjos)
0000600: [development] ExpandableTextView in help height too small (domjos)
0000596: [development] Error copying from mantis to mantis (domjos)
0000599: [development] Project delete dialog add dismiss on really delete (domjos)
0000597: [development] add debug mode (domjos)
0000598: [development] Error from Pre-Launch-Report (domjos)
0000595: [development] Version no . at Release version (domjos)
7 issues View Issues
0000593: [development] Optimize and compress app (domjos)
0000592: [documentation] Update images (domjos)
0000591: [development] Solve Pre-Launch bugs (domjos)
3 issues View Issues
0000589: [development] More information in calendar (domjos)
0000590: [development] better statistics (domjos)
0000588: [development] Solve bugs from pre-launch report (domjos)
3 issues View Issues
0000581: [development] Mantis Error in saving bug (domjos)
0000577: [development] SwipeRefreshDeleteList add checkbox to add all (domjos)
0000580: [development] Error Message in Export same like changelog (domjos)
0000578: [development] colorize if issue is solved (domjos)
0000583: [development] Version different color for released versions (domjos)
0000579: [development] Don't show whats New if empty (domjos)
0000576: [development] Changelogg doesn't work (domjos)
0000575: [development] Create Changelog for multiple versions (domjos)
0000566: [development] Add relation function in redmine (domjos)
0000569: [development] Administration show Progress (domjos)
0000564: [development] Copy Log of Administration (domjos)
0000215: [development] Add Bug relations (domjos)
0000565: [development] Add relation function in jira (domjos)
0000567: [development] Add relation function in bugzilla (domjos)
0000568: [development] Add relation function in redmine (domjos)
0000563: [development] Add relation function in youtrack (domjos)
0000562: [development] Add relation function in local bugtracker (domjos)
0000560: [development] reload bugs on going back from administration (domjos)
0000561: [development] Backlog and Pivotal doesn't really work on administration (domjos)
0000559: [development] show process in administration (domjos)
0000558: [development] Project in german translation in administrat in add to project on target site (domjos)
0000557: [development] Better whats new dialog design (domjos)
22 issues View Issues
0000554: [development] Better design for dialogs (domjos)
0000555: [development] Resolve dialog doesn't work (domjos)
0000552: [development] Exception loading calendar (domjos)
0000550: [development] Add Translation to app-store (domjos)
0000551: [development] Scroll list setting doesn't work (domjos)
0000452: [development] App Error after Password input (domjos)
0000429: [development] Export custom Widgets to external module (domjos)
0000549: [development] Add ID of bug (domjos)
8 issues View Issues
0000430: [development] PDF changelog maximum page doesn't update (domjos)
0000428: [development] Can't show issues relation controls (domjos)
0000400: [development] Open Website in projects (domjos)
0000425: [development] request permissions on change pdf changelog (domjos)
0000402: [development] Clone bug (domjos)
0000401: [development] Bad Design Account liat (domjos)
6 issues View Issues
0000364: [development] Export extended option add background image to pdf (domjos)
0000398: [development] Export error (domjos)
0000363: [development] Example xslt files (domjos)
       0000362: [development] Export: extended Option add xslt file to xml (domjos)
0000399: [development] Setting for mantis to show all bugs or use filter from mantis (domjos)
0000358: [development] Add version entering an unknown version in textfield (domjos)
0000294: [development] In descriptions and comments (domjos)
0000285: [development] Add function to create a changelog (domjos)
0000360: [development] better design for pdf-export (domjos)
9 issues View Issues
0000396: [development] show password in field (domjos)
0000303: [development] Add Release-Date of Versions to Calendar (domjos)
0000397: [development] notice to release and deadlines of bugs (domjos)
0000338: [development] Method to add tags to bugs fast (domjos)
0000340: [development] Mass change of bugs (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2019-10-16
0000361: [development] Exporting public youtrack issues to pdf: OutOfMemory Error (domjos)
0000350: [development] adding project by administration: doesn't reload combobox on mainactivity (domjos)
0000342: [development] Local always in account in server (domjos)
0000353: [development] check github (domjos)
0000357: [development] Combobox white text on white list (domjos)
0000359: [development] add minsdk-version to 20 (domjos)
0000355: [development] delete ads (domjos)
0000354: [development] Pagination shows -1 (domjos)
0000352: [development] Implement WhatsNew Activity or dialog on startup (domjos)
0000336: [development] Show number of whole bugs (domjos)
0000351: [development] Administration: Mantis to redmine project not added (domjos)
0000348: [development] add ads and setting to disable ads (domjos)
0000319: [development] extend authentication add path of hub in youtrack (domjos)
0000293: [development] Outofmemory loading statistics (domjos)
0000344: [development] pagination only visible if app restarts (domjos)
0000346: [development] change tutorial, don't go to next step if connection wasn't successfully (domjos)
0000345: [development] change deprecated things to non deprecated (domjos)
17 issues View Issues
0000337: [development] Error copying mantisbt bugs to jira (domjos)
0000341: [development] can't add issue with type feature (domjos)
0000296: [development] Can't set version as customfield in youtrack (domjos)
0000292: [development] Error copy project from official mantis to test mantis (domjos)
0000291: [development] Error copy bug from youtrack guest to test mantis (domjos)
5 issues View Issues
0000327: [development] Error on opening user-activity (domjos)
0000335: [development] account api key hint wrong (domjos)
0000334: [development] finish checking openproject (domjos)
0000333: [development] can' add user openproject (domjos)
0000332: [development] openproject authentication doesn't work (domjos)
0000331: [development] Can't add issue bugzilla (domjos)
0000330: [development] bugzilla project description is a required field (domjos)
0000329: [development] can't add project to bugzilla (domjos)
0000328: [development] adds new version instead of available version on local bugtracker (domjos)
0000326: [development] can't save issues in pivotal tracklert (domjos)
0000325: [development] Check redmine (domjos)
0000323: [development] can't save issue in backlog (domjos)
0000322: [development] backlog Project alias is a required field (domjos)
0000314: [development] Error on adding issue (domjos)
0000320: [development] Listview clicks on scroll always the unscrolled item (domjos)
0000297: [development] List users in youtrack doesn't work good (domjos)
0000318: [development] Error on adding attachmen mantisbt (domjos)
0000317: [development] Visibility doesn't update note in mantisbt (domjos)
0000316: [development] Error on committing mantisbug (domjos)
0000315: [development] Error on adding issue with customfield in mantisbt (domjos)
0000313: [development] can't add issue if no version is added (domjos)
0000312: [development] Mantisbt add project (domjos)
0000311: [development] Can't delete project on mantisbt (domjos)
0000310: [development] add attachment in jira doesn't work (domjos)
0000309: [development] Jira can't open attachment in bug view (domjos)
0000308: [development] can't commit bug in jira (domjos)
0000307: [development] Can't delete user in jira (domjos)
0000305: [development] add environment field to descriptions (domjos)
0000306: [development] Can't add or update bug in jira (domjos)
0000304: [development] Jira No Value for allowed values on show bug (domjos)
0000302: [development] Statistics in lower case at toolbar and Settings overview security in lower-case (domjos)
0000301: [development] Setting to restart tutorial (domjos)
0000299: [development] Spotlight tutorial text not at edge but in center (domjos)
0000300: [development] disable encryption doesn't work (domjos)
0000298: [development] Password and repeat password (domjos)
0000295: [development] Youtrack new issue userdefined fields doesn't load (domjos)
0000288: [development] Show Error Message if encryption password is wrong (domjos)
0000289: [development] Disable api-key validation if guest is enabled (domjos)
0000290: [development] Unparseable date (domjos)
0000286: [development] Give the Password-Dialog a description! (domjos)
0000284: [development] Add translations to app (domjos)
0000283: [development] Read log and send by mail (domjos)
0000282: [development] Link to website in Help-Activity (domjos)
43 issues View Issues
0000217: [development] Add more Questions to help (domjos)
0000273: [development] Can't See autocomplete Suggestions at Titel of Account (domjos)
0000278: [development] Select resolved on solving Bug in Contest menu (domjos)
0000271: [development] add onclick to diagrams (domjos)
0000277: [development] No Internet Error (domjos)
0000281: [development] Validation add target version and not at version (domjos)
0000279: [development] add star at required field (domjos)
0000280: [development] Version wrong Date format (domjos)
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0000266: [development] Add search to local sync (domjos)
0000265: [development] Don't show Issues which doesn't belong to selected project (domjos)
0000268: [development] Add settings to bugtracker specific settings show (domjos)
       0000267: [development] add settings for bugtracker specific settings (domjos)
0000242: [development] Button To Set summary To description (domjos)
0000249: [development] Add logging to app (domjos)
0000236: [development] Reporting with diagrams (domjos)
0000256: [development] Show statistics of issue tracker as activity or maybe report (domjos)
0000254: [development] Take picture as attachment of a new issue (domjos)
0000238: [development] Give the tabs a name or describe the content (domjos)
0000239: [development] Add item if list is empty (domjos)
0000264: [development] Synchronize Bugs to local storage as folder structure (domjos)
0000240: [development] Bug text will be cutted if too long (domjos)
0000243: [development] Error Message on save mantisbt bugs (domjos)
0000237: [development] Mantisbt Project with no bugs error (domjos)
0000257: [development] Problems with the loading of issues on changing project (domjos)
0000231: [development] News Account combobox doesn't reload (domjos)
0000214: [development] Create tutorial with spotlight library on first start (domjos)
0000247: [development] Change icons of notifications to the icons of the type (domjos)
0000248: [development] add settings for loading data in mobile net (domjos)
0000244: [development] Show Numbers of bugs (domjos)
0000246: [development] form To commit a bug (domjos)
0000250: [development] Show Attachmen directly (domjos)
0000234: [development] Validation text no space (domjos)
0000233: [development] Change tracker combobox if title has a tracker in it (domjos)
0000229: [development] Add spotlight library to readme (domjos)
0000224: [development] Project Icon doesn't show (domjos)
0000221: [development] Account Icon doesn't show (domjos)
0000230: [documentation] Add spotlight library to website (domjos)
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0000213: [development] swipe to delete (domjos)
0000216: [development] new Activity for Help (domjos)
       0000218: [development] Search in Help (domjos)
0000195: [development] The same date Validation in whole app (domjos)
0000191: [development] Add Onboarding Process (domjos)
0000198: [development] Message on wrong password (domjos)
0000208: [development] Exception on local mantis maybe php soap extension not loaded (domjos)
0000210: [development] add apikey validation on bugzilla (domjos)
0000212: [development] Add swipe to refresh on bugs (domjos)
0000211: [development] Validation disturbs (domjos)
0000196: [development] Setting for correct date and time format (domjos)
0000197: [development] Mantis bt exception on version delete (domjos)
0000193: [development] Add backlog to bugtrackers (domjos)
0000192: [development] Get Content-Type of attachment (domjos)
0000194: [development] add date validation to date fields (domjos)
0000188: [development] Add OpenProject as Bug-Tracker (domjos)
0000187: [development] mantis replace Public in user (domjos)
0000183: [development] Add Background to App (domjos)
0000185: [development] Administration mantis to youtrack Nummer Format exception (domjos)
0000184: [development] Message, If Project delete and there are Issues (domjos)
0000182: [development] Autocomplete Account (domjos)
0000178: [development] Check permissions in administration (domjos)
0000177: [development] Setting to change encryption password (domjos)
0000180: [development] Error Message opening custom-field activity local bugtracker (domjos)
0000181: [development] Add Toolbar to export activity (domjos)
0000179: [development] Add PDF, CSV and TXT Extension to export (domjos)
0000152: [development] Choose Export-File (domjos)
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0000135: [development] Filter Issues (domjos)
0000136: [development] Search Issues (domjos)
0000137: [development] Search Issues in all Bugtracker (domjos)
0000176: [development] Don't Show - in projects in mantisbt (domjos)
0000175: [development] Save State of Filter (domjos)
0000174: [development] Plus-Button Not before pagination (domjos)
0000169: [development] add jira support (domjos)
0000167: [development] save guest setting to database and change permissions (domjos)
0000173: [General] change domain to unitrackermobile.dojodev.de (domjos)
0000172: [development] Rename application to unitrackermobile (domjos)
0000168: [development] Encryption for Credentials (domjos)
0000165: [development] Error MantisBT Guest Account 4 (domjos)
0000161: [development] Error Youtrack Guest Account 3 (domjos)
0000153: [development] Show Only a specified Number of Bugs (domjos)
       0000154: [development] Add setting for the maximal number of shown bugs (domjos)
0000150: [development] java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Long (domjos)
0000158: [development] history and customfields don't show (domjos)
0000156: [development] Create Guest-Account (domjos)
0000157: [development] Problem with no internet connection (domjos)
0000155: [development] Reload issues automatically (domjos)
0000151: [development] add export module (domjos)
0000149: [development] Change To Local database if not internet connection (domjos)
0000143: [development] Add autoadding os (domjos)
0000142: [development] add Activity for Profiles (OS) (domjos)
0000147: [development] Duplicated Settings Category (domjos)
0000141: [development] show icons in Tab-View (domjos)
0000140: [development] Validation of Account (domjos)
0000145: [development] copy all Bugs of a project to another (domjos)
0000139: [development] Reload projects on Account-Activity Closing (domjos)
0000138: [development] Show Message If validator state is false (domjos)
0000146: [development] In Change account reset Project-Selection (domjos)
0000144: [development] Class Cast Exception String to Long (domjos)
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0000130: [development] imlement sqlite (domjos)
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Released 2020-10-19
0000806: [development] Changing filter doesn't reload the list (domjos)
0000805: [development] When changing Status-Filter colors are wrong (domjos)
0000801: [development] Add Tags to multiple issues (domjos)
0000799: [development] Move issues to another version (domjos)
0000798: [development] Duplicate an issue (domjos)
0000797: [development] If resolved change fix icon to cross and add a reopen screen (domjos)
0000803: [development] Rename reporter to assignment to (domjos)
0000795: [development] Target version combobox hide released versions (domjos)
0000794: [development] Error on going to settings screen (domjos)
0000793: [development] Change color of list if resolved (domjos)
0000046: [development] The ToolWindow doesn't reload after saving code-dialog! (domjos)
0000011: [development] Automatic Reloading of bugs (domjos)
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Released 2020-04-27
0000448: [development] add wait cursor on test connection (domjos)
0000651: [development] replace toolbars by actiontoolbars (domjos)
0000650: [development] Add intellij icons (domjos)
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Released 2019-12-11
0000120: [development] Create new Enabled Project (domjos)
0000276: [development] If no settings, ideamantis got stuck on reloading bugs (domjos)
0000450: [development] add zeros to id (domjos)
0000449: [development] Change minsize of window (domjos)
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Released 2018-09-15
0000048: [development] Tags: Add Autocomplete to the Textfield (domjos)
0000047: [General] Add History of Issue (domjos)
0000042: [development] Add Product-Version (domjos)
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0000199: [development] Better Encryption for Data (domjos)
0000204: [development] Create favicon (domjos)
0000205: [development] Exception on saving document (domjos)
0000203: [development] Screen to change mysqldatabase connection settings (domjos)
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Released 2020-05-14
0000658: [documentation] Add documentation (domjos)
0000014: [development] compress by Upload (domjos)
0000219: [development] Open Content-Element of Referenced Image (domjos)
0000659: [development] Make compatible with typo3 10LTS (domjos)
0000679: [development] Doesn't create folder if none exist and in settings checked (domjos)
0000682: [development] Doesn't save folder settings (domjos)
0000681: [Compatibility] Info-Window doesn't open (domjos)
0000680: [development] Failed to read the file (domjos)
0000678: [development] replace settings tinify field key by password field (domjos)
0000675: [Compatibility] Error on compressing image (domjos)
0000674: [Compatibility] Can't list directories (domjos)
0000673: [Compatibility] File-Error (domjos)
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Released 2018-11-11
0000112: [development] replace static template by config module (domjos)
0000081: [development] show contentelement of reference by button click (domjos)
0000082: [development] remove duplicate images by button click (domjos)
0000080: [development] Update meta data of image and references by button (domjos)
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Released 2018-08-19
0000015: [development] Cut Images to max width or height (domjos)
0000013: [development] Compress Images with tinypng (domjos)
0000077: [development] remove undo button in list.html from structure controller (domjos)
0000078: [development] remove undo button in list.html from structure controller (domjos)
0000079: [development] Can't change size of images (domjos)
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Not Yet Released
0000677: [Compatibility] Error in Typo3 8 LTS (domjos)
0000676: [development] Replace Imports in ext_tables by full paths (domjos)
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Released 2020-05-11
0000661: [development] Add documentation (domjos)
0000672: [development] better design for timeline 1 and 3 (domjos)
0000671: [Compatibility] Proble with news (domjos)
0000670: [Compatibility] Text of language and hide not visible (domjos)
0000669: [Compatibility] Add rte instead of textfield in description (domjos)
0000660: [Compatibility] Make compatible with typo3 10LTS (domjos)
0000666: [Compatibility] Link element just input (domjos)
0000665: [Compatibility] Hide not visible (domjos)
0000668: [Compatibility] Date element just input (domjos)
0000667: [General] better design of ce (domjos)
0000664: [development] color chooser not available (domjos)
0000663: [development] New version number with version of typo 3 (domjos)
0000662: [development] Language Combobox empty (domjos)
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