Released 2019-10-16
0000361: [development] Exporting public youtrack issues to pdf: OutOfMemory Error (domjos)
0000350: [development] adding project by administration: doesn't reload combobox on mainactivity (domjos)
0000342: [development] Local always in account in server (domjos)
0000353: [development] check github (domjos)
0000357: [development] Combobox white text on white list (domjos)
0000359: [development] add minsdk-version to 20 (domjos)
0000355: [development] delete ads (domjos)
0000354: [development] Pagination shows -1 (domjos)
0000352: [development] Implement WhatsNew Activity or dialog on startup (domjos)
0000336: [development] Show number of whole bugs (domjos)
0000351: [development] Administration: Mantis to redmine project not added (domjos)
0000348: [development] add ads and setting to disable ads (domjos)
0000319: [development] extend authentication add path of hub in youtrack (domjos)
0000293: [development] Outofmemory loading statistics (domjos)
0000344: [development] pagination only visible if app restarts (domjos)
0000346: [development] change tutorial, don't go to next step if connection wasn't successfully (domjos)
0000345: [development] change deprecated things to non deprecated (domjos)
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