0000457: [development] Wrong Filechoose on save image as (domjos)
0000459: [development] secure folder (domjos)
0000456: [development] Delete History Item (domjos)
0000453: [development] show wait cursor when copy image from unsplash to local folder (domjos)
0000454: [development] history-list doesn't reset when reloading (domjos)
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Released 2019-12-09
0000447: [development] Add context-help function (domjos)
0000446: [development] Can't delete last folder-item (domjos)
0000445: [development] delete directory entry (domjos)
0000444: [development] Change Color of background (domjos)
0000443: [development] add treeview reload button (domjos)
0000442: [development] save size and position of the window (domjos)
0000441: [development] Drag and drop image out of program (domjos)
0000440: [development] Move multiple images to folder (domjos)
0000439: [development] Feedback after moving image to folder (domjos)
0000438: [development] Hide items on fullscreen slideshow (domjos)
0000437: [development] Message if edited image saved successfully (domjos)
0000436: [development] Show Preview Image of Unsplash on item select in bigger (domjos)
0000435: [development] add folders in options to export images (domjos)
0000434: [development] reload imagelist after deleting elements (domjos)
0000433: [development] Add filter to photoManager (domjos)
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