Released 2020-05-11
0000661: [development] Add documentation (domjos)
0000672: [development] better design for timeline 1 and 3 (domjos)
0000671: [Compatibility] Proble with news (domjos)
0000670: [Compatibility] Text of language and hide not visible (domjos)
0000669: [Compatibility] Add rte instead of textfield in description (domjos)
0000660: [Compatibility] Make compatible with typo3 10LTS (domjos)
0000666: [Compatibility] Link element just input (domjos)
0000665: [Compatibility] Hide not visible (domjos)
0000668: [Compatibility] Date element just input (domjos)
0000667: [General] better design of ce (domjos)
0000664: [development] color chooser not available (domjos)
0000663: [development] New version number with version of typo 3 (domjos)
0000662: [development] Language Combobox empty (domjos)
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