0000135: [development] Filter Issues (domjos)
0000136: [development] Search Issues (domjos)
0000137: [development] Search Issues in all Bugtracker (domjos)
0000176: [development] Don't Show - in projects in mantisbt (domjos)
0000175: [development] Save State of Filter (domjos)
0000174: [development] Plus-Button Not before pagination (domjos)
0000169: [development] add jira support (domjos)
0000167: [development] save guest setting to database and change permissions (domjos)
0000173: [General] change domain to unitrackermobile.dojodev.de (domjos)
0000172: [development] Rename application to unitrackermobile (domjos)
0000168: [development] Encryption for Credentials (domjos)
0000165: [development] Error MantisBT Guest Account 4 (domjos)
0000161: [development] Error Youtrack Guest Account 3 (domjos)
0000153: [development] Show Only a specified Number of Bugs (domjos)
       0000154: [development] Add setting for the maximal number of shown bugs (domjos)
0000150: [development] java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Long (domjos)
0000158: [development] history and customfields don't show (domjos)
0000156: [development] Create Guest-Account (domjos)
0000157: [development] Problem with no internet connection (domjos)
0000155: [development] Reload issues automatically (domjos)
0000151: [development] add export module (domjos)
0000149: [development] Change To Local database if not internet connection (domjos)
0000143: [development] Add autoadding os (domjos)
0000142: [development] add Activity for Profiles (OS) (domjos)
0000147: [development] Duplicated Settings Category (domjos)
0000141: [development] show icons in Tab-View (domjos)
0000140: [development] Validation of Account (domjos)
0000145: [development] copy all Bugs of a project to another (domjos)
0000139: [development] Reload projects on Account-Activity Closing (domjos)
0000138: [development] Show Message If validator state is false (domjos)
0000146: [development] In Change account reset Project-Selection (domjos)
0000144: [development] Class Cast Exception String to Long (domjos)
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