0000581: [development] Mantis Error in saving bug (domjos)
0000577: [development] SwipeRefreshDeleteList add checkbox to add all (domjos)
0000580: [development] Error Message in Export same like changelog (domjos)
0000578: [development] colorize if issue is solved (domjos)
0000583: [development] Version different color for released versions (domjos)
0000579: [development] Don't show whats New if empty (domjos)
0000576: [development] Changelogg doesn't work (domjos)
0000575: [development] Create Changelog for multiple versions (domjos)
0000566: [development] Add relation function in redmine (domjos)
0000569: [development] Administration show Progress (domjos)
0000564: [development] Copy Log of Administration (domjos)
0000215: [development] Add Bug relations (domjos)
0000565: [development] Add relation function in jira (domjos)
0000567: [development] Add relation function in bugzilla (domjos)
0000568: [development] Add relation function in redmine (domjos)
0000563: [development] Add relation function in youtrack (domjos)
0000562: [development] Add relation function in local bugtracker (domjos)
0000560: [development] reload bugs on going back from administration (domjos)
0000561: [development] Backlog and Pivotal doesn't really work on administration (domjos)
0000559: [development] show process in administration (domjos)
0000558: [development] Project in german translation in administrat in add to project on target site (domjos)
0000557: [development] Better whats new dialog design (domjos)
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