0000327: [development] Error on opening user-activity (domjos)
0000335: [development] account api key hint wrong (domjos)
0000334: [development] finish checking openproject (domjos)
0000333: [development] can' add user openproject (domjos)
0000332: [development] openproject authentication doesn't work (domjos)
0000331: [development] Can't add issue bugzilla (domjos)
0000330: [development] bugzilla project description is a required field (domjos)
0000329: [development] can't add project to bugzilla (domjos)
0000328: [development] adds new version instead of available version on local bugtracker (domjos)
0000326: [development] can't save issues in pivotal tracklert (domjos)
0000325: [development] Check redmine (domjos)
0000323: [development] can't save issue in backlog (domjos)
0000322: [development] backlog Project alias is a required field (domjos)
0000314: [development] Error on adding issue (domjos)
0000320: [development] Listview clicks on scroll always the unscrolled item (domjos)
0000297: [development] List users in youtrack doesn't work good (domjos)
0000318: [development] Error on adding attachmen mantisbt (domjos)
0000317: [development] Visibility doesn't update note in mantisbt (domjos)
0000316: [development] Error on committing mantisbug (domjos)
0000315: [development] Error on adding issue with customfield in mantisbt (domjos)
0000313: [development] can't add issue if no version is added (domjos)
0000312: [development] Mantisbt add project (domjos)
0000311: [development] Can't delete project on mantisbt (domjos)
0000310: [development] add attachment in jira doesn't work (domjos)
0000309: [development] Jira can't open attachment in bug view (domjos)
0000308: [development] can't commit bug in jira (domjos)
0000307: [development] Can't delete user in jira (domjos)
0000305: [development] add environment field to descriptions (domjos)
0000306: [development] Can't add or update bug in jira (domjos)
0000304: [development] Jira No Value for allowed values on show bug (domjos)
0000302: [development] Statistics in lower case at toolbar and Settings overview security in lower-case (domjos)
0000301: [development] Setting to restart tutorial (domjos)
0000299: [development] Spotlight tutorial text not at edge but in center (domjos)
0000300: [development] disable encryption doesn't work (domjos)
0000298: [development] Password and repeat password (domjos)
0000295: [development] Youtrack new issue userdefined fields doesn't load (domjos)
0000288: [development] Show Error Message if encryption password is wrong (domjos)
0000289: [development] Disable api-key validation if guest is enabled (domjos)
0000290: [development] Unparseable date (domjos)
0000286: [development] Give the Password-Dialog a description! (domjos)
0000284: [development] Add translations to app (domjos)
0000283: [development] Read log and send by mail (domjos)
0000282: [development] Link to website in Help-Activity (domjos)
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